PayPal vs Google Checkout

Compare online payment processing systems
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.Google Checkout


Both Paypal and Google Checkout are very good at what they do: that is, provide easy and cheap methods of collecting payment on the web.

Like any product, user experience may vary. If you want to find heaps of user reviews saying that Paypal or Google Checkout is the best thing to happen to their business, you will. If you want to find endless Google Checkout and Paypal horror stories, they’re all over the internet. So what to do? Keep a scorecard of thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs? These are both excellent and accessible options for anyone who needs to collect online payments. It’s the tiny minority of users that have problems that are going to shout about it on their blogs. The vast majority are satisfied customers just going about their business. If you follow the rules, especially regarding prohibited items, you should have no problems at all.